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Purple Sweet Potato Vine ~ Ipomoea Batatas ~ Hanging Plant ~ Ground Cover ~ Starter plant

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ATTENTION - I try my best to ensure all plants are in the best possible condition when they are shipped. If there are any problems with your plant, please send me a picture of the plant, via email to ltjdesignco@gmail.com, THE DAY you receive your plant. I cannot be responsible for plants that have been left in the box or not planted right away. Therefor, I cannot replace or refund if I do not receive a picture of the plant the day that the tracking shows it was delivered. However, normal shipping wear should be expected. Sometimes a few leaves may fall off or the leaves may be wilted. No worries, just get your plant into some soil and watered and it will perk right back up in no time. 

Plants are shipped out on Monday & Tuesday's only.  This is for the plants safety so that it isn't delayed in a warehouse somewhere over the weekend.

Purple Sweet Potato Vine ~ Ipomoea Batatas

You will receive 1 well rooted purple sweet potato vine that has been grown in a 3” pot. This is a starter plant that will grow very rapidly once moved to a container or the ground. This plant will be shipped semi-bare root with lots of protection around the roots via USPS. Your plant will not be in a pot. I will only ship on Monday & Tuesday to avoid weekend delays. This is for the plants protection. The plant may be a little wilted when you receive it, but as soon as you get it potted and watered, it will perk right back up.

Sweet potato vine covers a large area in a hurry.

These plants can be used at the front of the border or fillers for open areas. They also make great container plants.

They look great in spring, summer and fall but once winter temps hit, the plant often loses leaves or even dies back.

Sweet potato vine is grown for its showy foliage, not for its potatoes...though it will grow potatoes. They're edible but said to be not very tasty.

Sweet potato is a fast - you might even say rampant - grower, staying fairly low to the ground.

It's happiest in sunny areas. Many gardeners feel it does best in a partial sun situation where it gets a bit of afternoon shade.

This plant is tropical by nature and prefers Zone 10 temperatures. Even there, winter usually takes its toll on the plant and leave it looking scraggly. Well-established plants will come back in spring, and in Zone 9B containers of these plants can be moved inside during cold weather.

Add top soil or organic peat moss to the hole when you plant.

Trim the edges as needed to keep the plant in bounds.

Water regularly. This groundcover needs good irrigation especially when growing in full sun.

Place these plants about 3 feet apart...they will fill in quickly. Try to allow at least 2 feet between a sweet potato vine and the nearest shrub.

Come in from walks and drives 2-1/2 to 3 feet.

These plants make ideal container plants for window boxes, surrounding a tall center plant, or spilling out of hanging baskets.