Purple Heart Plant Cuttings ~ Setcreasea ~ Purple Queen ~ Wandering Jew ~ Spiderwort

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This listing is for 5 Purple Heart UNROOTED CUTTINGS. This is not a rooted plant.
A cutting is a piece of plant material used to start a new plant. These cuttings are sold with no pot, soil or roots. You will insert the cuttings directly into moist garden or potting soil, and keep them moist until you see signs of new growth.

Purple Heart is a trailing, tender perennial with purple stems and violet-purple leaves that produce pink flowers in summer. this plant is mainly grown for its foliage (leaves can reach 8 inches in length); best color is achieved in bright sunlight and a dry, cramped root zone. It is excellent as ground cover or in containers or hanging baskets. It grows 8-12 inches tall and 16 inches wide.

Provide moist soil in part to full sun. Pinch to encourage bushiness and cut back flowering stems after blooming. Water moderately and fertile monthly during active growth.

Purple Heart can be sued as ground cover, cascading in baskets, as a trailer in mixed containers or as a houseplant.

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