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Lifesaver Plant ~ Huernia Schneideriana ~ Red Dragon Flower ~ Succulent ~ Indoor/Outdoor Plant

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This listing is for one well rooted Huernia Schneideriana.

You will receive a well rooted starter plant that has been grown in a 3” pot. Please reference the 2nd picture for the size plant you will receive.  It will not be as large as the profile photo.  That is a plant that has been growing for over a year. It is a small starter plant. They are shipped bare root with lots of protection via USPS. I only ship plants on Monday or Tuesday to avoid the weekend shipping delays.

These plants can be grown as intriguing indoor, greenhouse or summer patio container plants almost anywhere. It’s poky looking texture is an impressive ruse, as this succulent is actually harmless to the touch.

Huernias require a potting mix with excellent drainage. Roots experience dieback in cool-season dormancy, so plants grow best in shallow containers that allow the soil to dry out quickly. Using clay pots further helps soil from staying too wet. An underlayment of coarse gravel below the soil mix also improves drainage. In climates with damp cool summers, a layer of gravel between the plant and the soil mix also helps prevent the stems from staying too moist. Outdoor plantings do well in raised beds.

Lifesaver plants prefer bright light or partial shade. In nature, they grow underneath shrubs or other plants. Too much sun causes stems to develop protective reddish or purple pigmentation and can actually scald the stems. Too little light leads to weak, thin growth with decreased flower production. Huernias grow best between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (10 and 27 degrees Celsius). Protect them from freezing weather. They can tolerate down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.5 degrees Celsius) when dormant if they are kept dry and temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) if not in full sun.

Plants should be kept dry during the winter dormant season. When Huernias are actively growing, they need to be watered. Allow the soil to dry out one inch down the container between watering's. In regions with highly mineralized water, use rainwater or water from reverse osmosis units to prevent buildup of minerals in the soil.

During the growing season, high-phosphorous, low nitrogen fertilizers can be applied at half-strength once a month. Alternatively, blood meal and bone meal can be mixed into potting soil in small amounts at the beginning of the growing season. No fertilizers should be given during the dormant season.