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This listing is for 1 well rooted Curly Spider Plant that has been grown in a 3" pot.  It will not be the size of the profile photo.  That is a plant that has been growing for at least a year. 

ATTENTION - I try my best to ensure all plants are in the best possible condition when they are shipped. If there are any problems with your plant, please send me a picture of the plant, via email to, THE DAY you receive your plant. I cannot be responsible for plants that have been left in the box or not planted right away. Therefor, I cannot replace or refund if I do not receive a picture of the plant the day that the tracking shows it was delivered. However, normal shipping wear should be expected. Sometimes a few leaves may fall off or the leaves may be wilted. No worries, just get your plant into some soil and watered and it will perk right back up in no time. 

Plants are shipped out on Monday & Tuesday's only.  This is for the plants safety so that it isn't delayed in a warehouse somewhere over the weekend.

Chlorophytum Variegated Curly Spider Plant

You will receive 1 well rooted Curly Spider Plant that has been grown in a 3” pot. This is a starter plant that will grow very rapidly once moved to a container. This plant will be shipped semi-bare root with lots of protection around the roots via USPS. I will only ship on Monday & Tuesday to avoid weekend delays. This is for the plants protection. The plant may be a little wilted when you receive it, but as soon as you get it potted and watered, it will perk right back up.

Every now and then things can happen with the post office that will leave your plant damaged beyond saving. I will gladly replace your item. All I ask is that you send me a picture of the damaged plant. However, normal shipping wear should be expected. Sometimes a leave may fall off and the leaves will be wilted. No worries, just get your plant into some soil and watered and it will perk right back up in no time.

The Curly Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is a member of the lily family that produces a cluster of foot-long leaves from a crown of fleshy roots. The Victorians called it “ribbon plant,” because of its variegated selections.

The variegated sort called Vittatum, with a wide central band of white down the center of the leaf, is most common. A variety called Variegatum has a white band down the outer margin of the leaf. Gold variegated forms are also available.

In summer, spider plant produces dime-sized, six-petaled white flowers along sprawling, much-branched scapes that may reach 2 feet long. The flowers are interesting but insignificant.

What makes spider plant unique, is its ability to produce “spiders,” or offsets, if you prefer the horticultural term. These ready-made plants, complete with roots, form at the ends of the flower stem and assorted branches.

These dangling plantlets (or spiderettes) give rise to the common name as they hang below the parent plant like so many spiders suspended by a stout web. The often heard name of Airplane Plant supposes that the spiderettes look like whirling propellers.

Here are some tips to growing curly spider plants and what they need most:

- Plenty of light for good leaf color (but not too much direct sunlight).
- Keep them slightly pot bound so that they flower and produce healthy, hearty, spider plant babies.
- Fertilize sparingly as excess nutrients can retard its ability to produce more plantlets/spiderettes.
- Re-pot your spider plants in the spring when the plant is quite root-bound.
- Keep evenly moist. Water your spider plants when the soil is dry (about an inch down into the pot).
- Display your curly spider plants in hanging baskets or container gardens for the best effect.
- Propagate more spider plants from your spider plant baby spiderettes!
- Curly spider plants will grow to about 1 foot tall with runners/shoots cascading down about 3 feet or
- A nice bonus is that spider plants purify the air in your home!

The curly spider plant is first and foremost a hanging basket plant. It became popular as such during the Victorian period when decorative foliage plants adorned the parlor of all the finest homes. Flower-scapes are produced in the summer with spiderettes forming on those stems as the days get shorter in the fall. Of late, spider plants have enjoyed some use as a summer bedding plant where it is used like an annual liriope for edging flower beds.

While spider plants are almost indestructible as a houseplant, they sometimes look a bit tattered and torn. The most common problem is tip burn on the leaves. This is caused by the accumulation of fluoride ions in the tissue until it reaches toxic levels. Affected plants can be cleaned up by trimming the burned tips off with scissors. Unless preventative steps are taken the problem will return.

Plants of the lily family are especially sensitive to high fluoride levels and often show this kind of tip die-back. The fluoride can come from low-grade fertilizer, some vermiculite sources or tap water (for prevention of tooth decay). To remedy the problem, re-pot the plants in fresh potting soil, fertilize with a high grade liquid fertilizer and, if your community fluoridates its water supply, collect some rain water for your plant.