Pencil Clipboard & Pen Set | Custom Clipboard | Epoxy Clipboard | Glitter Clipboard & Pen Set

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ATTENTION: PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASING!  All items are handmade after the order is placed.  This is made with epoxy resin.  Epoxy has to cure between each step. When it is completely finished, it has to cure 36 hours before it can be shipped. Processing time for this is 3 weeks.  It could be a little less time or a little more time, depending on my order volume.  If you need this item before 3 weeks, please contact me before ordering to see if I can have it to you by the date you need it.  

Glitter Pencil Clipboard & Pen.  The front side of the clipboard will be solid yellow.  The back side will look like a pencil. 

Pens are refillable with Papermate Ink Joy Gel refills and Sharpie S Gel refills. 

Care Instructions

 -Do not leave in hot car

-Avoid dropping

-Do Not Slam Down

-Do Not Soak


All clipboards and pens are Handmade. Due to the nature of handmade items, some minor variations or imperfections may occur and are unavoidable.  I make every effort to ensure your items are perfect before presenting it to you.  Please Handle with care.  Epoxy coating will preserve your item, but it does not make it unbreakable.